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Terms and Conditions of Use of Deraah Online Store

This online store was created by Deraah Trading Company and is happy to provide its store with all the information, tools, products and services available on this site to its customers, hereinafter referred to as the user.

Dear User, you agree to accept all the terms, conditions and notes we will make on our website, once you visit our online store or buy any of our products, you are a subscriber to our services. and agreed to all terms and conditions of service provided to you, these terms apply to all users of the site And your approval of a part of it you cannot take advantage of, and therefore we ask you to read it carefully before accessing and using the site and that your continued access to the site is proof of acceptance of the terms and updates.

Terms of use:

1.     You comply with and acknowledge that you have come of age, and that you have informed us of your consent to use the site for any of your dependants.

2.     You, dear user, are not permitted to avail yourself of any of our services for purposes that contravene the regulations, are not permitted, or violate any laws in the area in which you live.

3.     You are not allowed to send any encrypted or unencrypted files of a dangerous nature, or any viruses that may damage the site.

4.     We have the right to refuse service to you, for any reason and at any time we deem appropriate.

5.     Any breach of any of the provisions of this agreement results in the suspension of your account or the provision of any service to you.

6.     We have the right to change the prices of our products at any time and without any prior notice. We also reserve our right to any modification that may occur to any service at any time, or any part of the site without any prior notice, and at any time that we deem appropriate, and you will not be aware of any adjustments, changes, suspension of the Services, they are subject to any judicial or legal accountability.

7.     Your personal data is important to us in maintaining their privacy, but may be transferred among different networks on the Internet in order to be adjusted to suit each other's software, hardware and networks. Credit cards are encrypted before they begin to be transferred online. It is the responsibility of the payment service provider to save and secure them.

8.     You may not use, copy or sell any part of the services or the contents of the site, use the service or access the store with the data of any other user without our permission to do so.

9.     We have done our utmost to ensure that the information and data provided on the website are accurate, complete and up-to-date, but they are considered general information, should not be relied upon as a sole source of decision-making, and we do not ensure that there is an error in it. Your reliance on the information and data in the store will be at your personal risk.

10. Your access to the store and your use of our services does not mean that you have the right to own any intellectual property rights in our provided services, or any content you can access. This does not give you the right to use any trademark or logo used in our store without our permission.

11. Our products displayed on the site may be limited available, which may lead to the expiration of the quantity of the product, so they cannot be replaced. Our Return and Exchange Policy must therefore be reviewed, which conforms to applicable regulations.

12. Our dear customer we have showcased our products, and we have done our best to display them on site in high precision shape and colors, They appear in the same way as they do in our galleries and branches. But we do not guarantee the accuracy of the screen you use, and whether the colors will be displayed with the same resolution as required We also reserve the right to specify the quantities of products offered to the store at any time without any prior notice, as we deem appropriate. We also have the right to stop any product at any time, and there will be no offers applicable to any product that has been discontinued by us. Nor do we guarantee that what you buy from our store meets your aspirations and expectations.

13. We are entitled to cancel any purchase order sent to us as we deem appropriate and we appreciate that this order may be for traders or distributors who may resell our products.

14. You agree to constantly update your data and information, whenever you want to buy anything from the store, including your mailing address, credit card number and dates so that we can complete your purchases on the site, and communicate with you when needed.

15. Any amendments, leaflets or suggestions you may send to us whether you request it or not! Such as: sending suggestions, ideas or other material either online, or by mail is not obliged for us to modify, publish distribution or use in any way. We are not obliged to keep it confidential or pay compensation for those proposals and we are not obliged to respond to them either. We monitor, modify and delete any content that may appear to us to violate regulations, be offensive or immoral, or may have infringed intellectual property rights or violated the terms of our services provided.

16. You are fully accountable to the competent and judicial authorities if it is proven that you are using a misleading or false email, or impersonating someone else, for the purpose of misleading us so that we do not know the source of any of your comments. or publish infringement contents, viruses or malware that may harm the site.

17. We reserve the right to modify any errors that may occur as a result of omissions, inaccuracies by altering or updating information or cancelling orders if the information on our website is inaccurate at any time without prior notice even after the order has been sent.

18. You are prohibited from using the site or any of its contents:

•       For sending harmful emails.

•       Phishing, collecting other people's information and following up on their personal information.

•       Stealing site customers, moving them to other sites.

•       Download or convert viruses or any software that affects our store.

•       Nobody appreciates.

•       Interfere with any security feature of the site.

Then we have the right to discontinue your use of the site if you violate any of the above terms.

19. We offer you our services and products with the highest reasonable commercial level of skill and care, and we are happy that this suits you, and that you enjoy our products, but we do not guarantee that the results you get are accurate. As expected, or suited to your aspirations. You agree that you are responsible for your use of the Service or your inability to use it, as all products provided to you through our website have been provided to you with the highest possible manufacturing quality, and have passed the certified tests by the concerned parties, but we do not provide you with any guarantees that they satisfy your aspirations and personal taste.

20. You agree to compensate, defend and protect Deraah Company from any lawsuit, including attorneys' fees, or any requirements by other parties for your breach of the terms and conditions of use of the Site or for your violation of any regulations, laws or rights.

21. The terms of service are valid until they are cancelled by us. In case we see the manipulation of your application and your commitment to the terms of this Agreement, we have the right to cancel it and prevent you from registering on our site.

22. If we leave any of these Terms of Service to apply, it shall not be considered a waiver. Also, any terms or conditions posted by us on the Site shall be deemed to be the agreement between us and you, which shall govern your use of our Services, which shall cancel any previous or current agreements or offers, whether personal, written or oral between you and us, and any ambiguity or lack of clarity in the interpretation of these Terms shall be interpreted in writing by the party.

23. All terms of service or any separate agreements relating to the provision of service to you shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

24. You are fully responsible for periodically following up updates to these Terms in order to see the changes that have been amended, including your access to the Site and your continued use thereof, constitutes your agreement to any changes to the terms and conditions of service provided to you.

25. If any paragraph of this convention appears to be invalid, this does not mean that the convention is invalid and is no longer enforceable because it does not invalidate the other provisions of this convention.

26. Regarding the "hala" discount code of the first order, the maximum discount is 50 SAR.

27. Redeem your earned points through the Wala One app on Deraah online store. For more information, please review the terms and conditions of the Wala One program.

28. Coupons are not applicable with Tamara payment method

29. Items at exclusive prices on the store are not subject to any additional discount codes.


Dear Customer: If you have any queries about the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please contact us via:

Company Address: Riyadh, Oriental Ring, Exit 16, Next to Extra Center, Telephone Number 8001186666 P. Box 42699 Postcode 11551




Use the site to defame or for any unethical purposes, violate regulations, infringe intellectual property rights, defame or discredit.