Quality Policy

Deraah Perfume Company is committed to provide the best products of perfume, cosmetics, hair care and skincare, luxuries, accessories, and Oud, so that it meets the needs, requirements, and expectations of its customers, through the development and continuous improvement of quality management system.

The company constantly seeks to satisfy and fulfill the desires of its customers, reaching them through the specialized exhibition series, wholesale branches spread across the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf, while constantly striving to develop products and services by following the latest effective marketing means in order to realize the aspirations of the company's management and the wishes of its customers, through:

·       Focus on the customer, constantly meet his/her requirements.

·       Setting measurable goals, consistent with the company's vision.

·       Develop the performance characteristics of processes and products.

The administration of the company is fully aware that employees are the most valuable asset it has, and asserts that all its employees are aware of the importance of meeting customer requirements, and their important role in achieving the Company's goals and vision.

Quality management system meets the requirements of international standards.