Customer service policy

In pursuit of Deraah Trading Company towards excellence in providing its various products in a way that achieves customer satisfaction and exceeds their expectations, and is keen on opening channels of communication with them and identifying their needs, and work to simplify procedures and develop services, the company has adopted a customer complaints management system based on international best practices      (ISO specification 10002) to be an effective means to achieve the strategic objectives of the company by receiving and handling complaints and benefiting from them in the development of services with an emphasis on compliance with all laws and other relevant requirements.

This policy outlines the interest of the senior management in dealing with complaints efficiently, effectively, quickly and fairly through a complaints system that is characterized by ease of access, speed of response, transparency, confidentiality, reliability of the information provided, simple, unbiased, effective, punctual, and thoroughly audited cyclic.

Deraah Company provides many channels of communication with customers, which enable them to communicate their opinions and suggestions to the company, such as social media platforms, customer service center, contact us platform, and others.

Deraah Company deals responsibly with all customer complaints and providing a distinguished quality of service that meets their needs and keeps pace with their aspirations, and wherever possible, it will be ensured that the root causes have been addressed.

Executive Director

Ibrahim bin Ali Al Hadi