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the description: With Yen perfume from Deraah store, you will find the soft scent full of femininity that you were looking for. The fragrance starts with orange and pear, then a heart full of orange flower, rose and cotton candy, while the base smells of brown sugar, vanilla and musk.
Yen perfume specifications:

Aromatic bouquet: oriental - sweet
Top notes: orange - pear
Aromatic heart:: orange flower - rose - cotton candy
Aromatic base: brown sugar - vanilla - musk
Size: 100 ml
Gender: female

It is used at all times and occasions.
Strong smell all the time until it disappeared.
Elegant women's perfume.
Suitable for everyday use.
It gives you a luxurious and sweet scent.

Why buy this product?

Quiet fragrance:
The scent of Yin perfume from Deraah store will give you a calm and irresistible fragrance experience throughout the day.

Attractive and gentle:
Yen perfume will highlight your attractive and delicate personality.

Yin perfume will give you an inner feeling of good about yourself every day.

How to use:
Perfume can be used on the pulse points on the wrist and behind the ear.

Do not leave the packaging in the car to ensure that it is not exposed to sunlight, broken, damaged, or changed in smell.