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description: Pretty perfume from Deraah store is rich in floral and fruity scents, giving you the elegance and attractiveness that you are looking for. The fragrance starts with the scent of mandarin, pineapple, roseberry and pear, then a heart full of jasmine, ylang-ylang and violet, while the base smells of sandalwood and musk.
Pretty perfume specifications:

Aromatic bouquet: flowers - fruits
Top notes: mandarin - pineapple - roseberry - pear
Aromatic heart: jasmine - ylang-ylang - violet
Aromatic base: sandalwood - musk
Size: 70 ml
Gender: female


For all times and occasions.
Strong and persistent fragrance.
It lasts for long hours.
Fresh feminine scent.
It gives you positive energy.

Why buy this product?
Refreshing and Delightful:
Pretty perfume is made with a refreshing and sensual formula.

Refreshing scent:
The scent of Pretty is refreshing and long lasting.
Soft and beautiful:
Feel the softness and true beauty with Pretty perfume.

How to use:
Perfume can be used on the pulse points on the wrist and behind the ear.