Golden Memory 85 ml

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"“This light fragrance will add something new to your personal collection, as it will give you unparalleled confidence and charm. Various and unique aromatic ingredients, a combination of luxurious natural elements, create an attractive, attractive aromatic experience that gives it a touch of femininity and tenderness. Aromatic top: incense: adds a smoky and sweet scent to the perfume.
Mango: gives the fragrance a touch of natural sweetness and freshness. Bergamot: adds a touch of freshness and liveliness, with hints of delicate notes.
Aromatic Fragrance: Jasmine: Gives the perfume a fragrant and feminine scent.
Sandalwood: gives the fragrance a touch of warmth and depth. Caramel: gives the fragrance a touch of sweetness and mystery.
Base Notes: Musk: A fungi aromatic base, with hints of depth and depth.
Vanilla: Adds a sweet, creamy scent that stimulates the senses.Amber: gives the fragrance a touch of mystery and warmth."

"Top notes: mango bergamot incense
Fragranced heart: jasmine, sandalwood, caramel
Base notes: musk vanilla amber"