Nuit de Orient 100ml

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"This wonderful fragrance combines the purest ingredients of oriental and seductive perfumes. Immerse yourself in a world of magic and mystery where the most beautiful tones of the East and the West are balanced. The aromatic top sparkles with an exciting blend of pink pepper with a mysterious touch of saffron, creating a sensual experience that stimulates the senses. The aromatic heart beats with the warmth of cedar wood.And the depth of agarwood, which adds a touch of pure oriental appeal, while the aromatic base embodies timeless elegance with notes of sandalwood and warm amber, making “Nuit du Orient” an unforgettable fragrance that reflects your unique style and highlights your natural beauty with unparalleled elegance. Enjoy the magic and excitement, and let “Nuit du Orient” be a symbol of your own elegance
Aromatic bouquet: amber - vanilla
Top notes: pink pepper, saffron
Aromatic heart: cedar wood, agarwood
Base notes: sandalwood"

" top notes: pink pepper, saffron
Heart notes : cedar wood, agarwood
Base notes: sandalwood"