Deraah Private 444 perfume

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Description: Deraah Private 444 perfume from Deraah store is specially designed for the man who loves strong fragrances that carry warmth and great excitement. The fragrance starts with the scent of mandarin, bergamot, gardenia, and blackberries, then a heart full of fruity scents, ylang-ylang, orchid, and lotus flower, while the base smells of amber, patchouli, sandal, vanilla, musk, incense, and chocolate.
Specifications of Deraah Private 444 perfume:

Aromatic bouquet: oriental - floral
Top notes: Mandarin - Bergamot - Gardenia - Blackberry
Aromatic heart: fruits - ylang-ylang - orchid - lotus flower
Aromatic base: amber - patchouli - sandalwood - vanilla - musk - incense - chocolate
Size: 100 ml
Gender: Men

It is used at all times and occasions.
Strong and persistent fragrance.
It lasts for long hours.
Suitable for everyday use.
Gives the body freshness all day long.

Why buy this product?
Elegance and luxury:
Get Deraah Private 444 perfume set and enjoy elegance and luxury together.

Asala and my paper:
Originality and sophistication you will find in Deraah Private 444 perfume.

Deraah Private 444 perfume has a long-lasting performance that lasts for long hours.

How to use:
Perfume can be used on the pulse points on the wrist and behind the ear.

Do not leave the packaging in the car to ensure that it is not exposed to sunlight, broken, damaged, or changed in smell.