Relief perfume for Men by Link

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Relief Perfume Description: Relief perfume from Deraah, a fragrance full of vitality that every man desires, has a special charm that takes you to another world, while feeling the power of its attractiveness, thanks to its unique composition of apples and blackberries in its top notes, then comes the refreshing heart with the scents of pineapple and rose-of-the-valley; To give strength, attractiveness, and irresistible fragrant stability derived from amber and patchouli in its aromatic base.
Relief Perfume Ingredients and specifications:
Aromatic bouquet: Chypre - Fruity
Top note: apple, blackberry
Heart note: pineapple, flower of the valley
Base note: amber patchouli
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Size: 100 ml
Category: Men
Brand: Link

Relief Perfume Advantages:
Feeling confident with every sprinkle
The attractive and refreshing scent of this special perfume makes you feel fresh and more confident every day, thanks to its different ingredients.