Dehn Al-Oud Sioufi Small 3 ml

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The essence of brilliance and sophistication From the depths of the Indian forests, Deraah Oud has chosen the finest raw materials of luxurious Oud to ensure that you get a distinctive Dehn Al-Oud that suits your unique personality. The excellent Dehn Al-Oud Sioufi is famous for its luxurious scent, which reflects the finest types of authentic oriental Oud. Dehn Al-Oud Sioufi is distinguished by its dark color, in relation to the age of the Oud tree, which is infected with a specific type of mold. The Oud is harvested, fermented and distilled to produce a rare Dehn Al-Oud Sioufi with a strong and fragrant aroma.
Specifications of Dehn Al-Oud Sioufi Small 3 ml:
Size: 3 ml
Brand: Deraah Oud
Price: 228 SAR
Gender: Unisex
Product type: Sioufi
Activity: Dehn Al-Oud
Detailed activity: Sioufi
Collection name: Oud