Packet of saturated Kalimantan Oud 56 grams

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Kalimantan Oud ... the epitome of originality. Our events and evenings are not the same without the incense of Oud, especially the Saturated Kalimantan Oud, which expresses the authenticity of our history... Perfume your occasions and guests with Kalimantan Oud extracted from the trees of the famous Indonesian Kalimantan forests. The Kalimantan Oud by Deraah Oud is distinguished by its pleasant breezes and unique scent that fills the air and gives your evenings a touch of originality and sophistication
Specifications of Packet of saturated Kalimantan Oud 56 grams :
Brand: Deraah Oud
Weight: 56 grams
Price: 422 SAR
Gender: Unisex
Product Type: Kalimantan
Activity: packets
Detailed activity: Kalimantan wood
Group name: Kalimantan

Tips for using saturated Kalimantan packet 56 grams:
When using saturated Kalimantan Oud , it is recommended to place the Oud on unscented, well-burnt natural or synthetic charcoal to obtain a thick and distinctive incense scent.