Cambodian spray 50 m

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The fragrance of excellence and luxury Experience the scent of originality and luxury with the pure Cambodian Oud spray by Deraah Oud. The unique Cambodian Oud is extracted from Cambodian Oud trees that are infected with a specific type of mold, to transform the wood of the trees into a special fragrance. Cambodian Oud spray by Deraah is mixed with notes of roses, saffron and spices for a distinctive scent that captivates the senses.
Specifications of Cambodian Spray 50 ml:
Size: 50 ml
Brand: Deraah Oud
Price: 556 SAR
Gender: Unisex
Concentration: Eau de parfum
Product Type: Pure Oud
Activity: Oud sprays
Detailed activity: pure Oud
Collection name: Oud

Tips for using Cambodian spray 50 ml:
Cambodian spray perfume can be used on pulse points on the wrist, neck, and on clothes. Suitable for all times.