Black Oud perfume 100 ml

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This fragrance is suitable for both sexes, as it gives men and women attractiveness and elegance on every occasion. It is characterized by high stability and a unique long-lasting scent. The fragrance adds elegance and charm to your personality, making it the perfect choice for a unique and unforgettable fragrance experience.
The top notes are saffron, cinnamon, and bergamot, while the middle notes are cedar and guaiac wood, so it's perfect for unisex who prefer a classic style. The fragrance features a strong and beautiful base scent through a mixture of vetiver, sandalwood, and amber that adds warmth and deep sensuality. The fragrance is strong and stable for a long time, thus it is ideal for special and formal occasions. Thanks to its aromatic category of oud and musk, this fragrance is a great addition to the group of unisex perfumes who believe that perfumes are an important part of personal distinction.