3 A packet of distributions of albasil + 2 a packet of distributions of khawatir

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A new set of distributions
A packet of distributions of albasil + a packet of distributions of khawatir

Bundle contains:

khwater distributions packet

khwater distributions packet

Quantity: 2
Khawatir Tawziat Packet is a unique collection consisting of carefully selected distinct mixtures of the finest rare flowers and blended with caramel, which increases the fragrance with irresistible attraction. In addition, citruses blend with exquisite florals, sandalwood, and musk to offer a luxurious and warm aromatic experience that is well worth enjoying. This package contains distinct and varied mixtures, such as the Forever Mix, which add happiness and vitality to the general atmosphere and suit all occasions and times. Be sure to add a packet of Thoughts to your personal collection, or give it as a special gift to someone you love.
Al-Basil distributions packet

Al-Basil distributions packet

Quantity: 3
We proudly introduce you to Al-Basel Distribution Packet, which is distinguished by its oriental scent and distinctive Indian sandalwood. It is an ideal choice for those who love excellence and sophistication in everything that surrounds them. These distinctive distributions contain 12 grams of luxurious Marouki Oud wood, which makes it the perfect blend for a luxurious and distinctive aromatic experience. These distributions come with a modern and attractive design, which makes them a unique choice for those who love gifting high-end gifts to their loved ones. Enhance your splendor and distinction with the distinguished and wonderful Al-Basel distribution package.