Cherry house set

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A fragrant scent designed for your home A luxurious set by Deraah Oud to perfume your home with the most luxurious oriental and western scents. The Cherry set includes a luxurious fabric freshener and the distinctive cherry scented oil, in addition to wood sticks and a candle with a wonderful aroma, which makes it suitable for presenting it as a distinguished gift in its elegant box in the shape of a house.
Cherry Home set Specifications:
- Cherry fabric Freshener inspired by the charming scent of nature and refreshing cherries.
- Cherry scent oil with a distinctive cherry scent , 140 grams.
- 8 wooden chips to use with the scent oil.
- Cherry-scented candle
in a luxurious and elegant box, perfect for gifting to your loved ones.

Brand: Deraah Oud
Price: 300 SAR
Gender: Unisex
Product type: carton set
Activity: Oud sets
Detailed activity: Cardboard set
Collection name: Oud