Mounasabat set 6 pieces

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Perfume for special occasions Each anniversary has its own fragrance… Deraah Oud offers you a distinct set of authentic oriental scents to perfume your precious occasions and evenings, or to gift them to the most precious people. Charm of the East The elegant set of Mounasabat from Deraah Oud is specially designed to add a pleasant aroma of oriental originality mixed with the scents of fresh fruits and flowers, and the attractiveness of Jujube wood and tonka bean
Specifications of the Mounasabat set 6 pieces :
Mukhallat Oud perfume: a unique combination of fruits, flowers and woods with the scent of authentic Oud.
Asl al-Teeb perfume is one of the finest oriental aromas mixed with the most beautiful French perfumes. The top notes of the Asl Al-Teeb perfume contain pepper, rose, and sage plant, with a heart notes of luxurious Oud wood, Jujube, and attractive patchouli, with base notes of dry amber, musk, and sensual vanilla.
- Luxurious perfume oil with a distinctive oriental scent, 6 ml
- Dehn Al-Oud Al-Aseel 6 ml
- Two ounces of luxurious Marouki Sumatran Agarwood, which is characterized by its thick smoke and long-lasting fragrance.
in a luxurious and elegant box, perfect for gifting to your loved ones.

Brand: Deraah Oud
Price: 1120 SAR
Gender: Unisex
Product type: Leather set
Activity: Oud sets
Detailed activity: leather set
Collection name: Oud

Tips for using Mounasabat set 6 pieces:
It is recommended to use Mukhallat Oud and Asl Al-Teeb perfumes on the pulse points on the wrist, neck, and on clothes. Suitable for all times.
It is recommended to place the Marouki Oud on unscented, well-burnt natural or artificial charcoal. It is not recommended to use electric censers.