From our heritage, we draw our authenticity.. Discover the new in Oud of Deraah


Maison D'Oreint

International perfumes... with an oriental touch...

Authenticity tells our identity

In the Oasis of the East, the details of the story intersect and weave the ribbons of time with its unique scent, and take us on a journey through the history and rich

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Link Private

LINK PRIVATE Collection Always keeps you closer to your loved ones,

Ensuring that you are always connected

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Deraah Oud

From the depth of originality creativity is born. Oud Proper Collection; Stability and elegance of presence

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Deraah Private

Even our silence and our looks are summed up by the pure scent of perfume that penetrates to the depths of the soul to take us to a world of beauty.

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Dote Perfume Collection by Maios; Niche perfumes... stability and strength of presence.

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You are an inspiration It starts from this earth Authenticity tells our identity

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