Proud Agate Rosary

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Combine luxury and distinction with the agate rosary by Proud, which is designed with high craftsmanship to suit the refined taste of the authentic Arab man. Agate rosary by Proud is an ideal gift for friends, family and loved ones, and it comes in a luxurious box for unlimited sophistication.
Rosary made of the finest types of natural agate in black and brown colors with a distinctive design, specially designed for Proud. The stones have been polished by hand with great care and craftsmanship that appears in all the details of the rosary. The rosary consists of 33 beads, and its stones are carefully tied with a thread of special specifications, and it features a distinctive tassel in silver color. The rosary features a tassel, separators and pendants with a unique design adorned with the Proud brand logo.
The rosary should not be exposed to any substances that contain chemicals such as skin creams and perfumes.