Dream candle 400 grams

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Description of Dream candle: We offers you the Dream candle from Deraah to comfort your family, clear their minds, and reduce stress, as the candle fragrances contain a combination of red fruits, pineapple, iris flower, and orange blossoms, which have a superior ability to relieve stress and improve individuals' moods, so you can enjoy quiet times with your family Refreshing.
Specifications of Dream candle:
Aromatic composition: Flowers - woods - sweet
Brand: Deraah Home
Size: 1 psc
Category: Home care
Weight: 400 grams
Product Type: Candles
Number of wicks: 3 wicks
Features of Dream candle:
- A distinctive combination of a mixture of red fruits, pineapple and iris flower.
- It contains 3 wicks, a concentrated scent that brings freshness and calmness into the home.
- Its scent lasts for longer periods, even after it has been extinguished.
- Made of natural wax.

The mood of you and your family improves with just one step:
Create an atmosphere of calm, happiness, and refreshment with the dream candle from Deraah, which contains a blend of red fruits, pineapple, iris flower, and orange blossoms for their superior ability to transform a tense atmosphere into a more comfortable and relaxing one.

Enjoy a calm smile and a poetic life like an iris flower:
We chose the Dream candle from Deraah for you because it was made of a combination of red fruits, pineapple, iris flower, and orange blossoms with refreshing spring scents, so you can be comfortable, calm, and happy.
Warnings and how to use it:
● Always place the candle on heat-resistant surfaces away from heaters or other hot surfaces.
● Do not light the candle in rooms where there are children or pets.
● Extinguish the candle after 4 hours of continuous use and never leave it burning in a room unattended.
● Make sure to light 3 wicks together