Lofty candle 400 grams

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Description of Lofty candle: Choose Lofty candle from Deraah for a more atmosphere of spring freshness, clarity of mind, and stress reduction, as the candle fragrances contain a mixture of refreshing bergamot with strong-flavored mandarin and notes of delicate violet and sandalwood, so that your family members can enjoy a world of calm and relaxation in the most sanitary way possible.
Specifications of Lofty candle:
Aromatic composition: Flowers - woods - musk
Brand: Deraah Home
Size: 1 psc
Category: Home care
Weight: 400 grams
Product Type: Candles
Number of wicks: 3 wicks
Features of Lofty candle:
- A distinctive combination of refreshing fragrances such as mandarin and bergamot with sandalwood.
- It contains 3 wicks, a concentrated scent that brings freshness and calmness into the home.
- Its scent lasts for longer periods, even after it has been extinguished.
- Made of natural wax
Spring atmosphere inside your home throughout the year:
You can create an atmosphere of spring flowers indoors by purchasing the Lofty Candle. With its ingredients of mandarin and bergamot added to violet flower and sandalwood.
Highest concentration for purest scent:
Just by choosing theLofty candle from his shield, your home will turn into a garden full of flowers, all year long with its ingredients of mandarin and bergamot added to violet flower and sandalwood.
Warnings and how to use it:
● Always place the candle on heat-resistant surfaces away from heaters or other hot surfaces.
● Do not light the candle in rooms where there are children or pets.
● Extinguish the candle after 4 hours of continuous use and never leave it burning in a room unattended.
● Make sure to light 3 wicks together