Ceramic scented candle 155 grams with dried roses 2 wicks

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Description of Ceramic scented candle: We chose for you the Ceramic scented candle with dried roses 2 wicks from Deraah, as it was made of vanilla with 100% natural ingredients, and we added some roses and flowers with refreshing spring scents, so that you can enjoy with your family a comfortable, calm, pressure-free mood full of distinctive poetic atmosphere.
Specifications of Ceramic scented candle:
Aromatic composition: vanilla
Brand: Deraah Home
Size: 1 psc
Category: Home care
Weight: 155 grams
Product Type: Candles
Number of wicks: 2 wicks
Features of Ceramic scented candle:
- A candle made from 100% natural ingredients, with attractive vanilla flavors.
- Effectively designed to provide maximum relaxation and calmness.
- Two wicks with vanilla scents, which are characterized by their charming ability to spread happiness and relaxation wherever they are.

Create a calm atmosphere inside the house:
For your family members to enjoy a calm atmosphere that relaxes nerves and reduces stress, the Ceramic scented candle from Deraah will be your ideal choice.
Have a wonderful garden inside your home:
Add to your home a charming piece that always spreads comfort, calmness and relaxation everywhere with a mixture of roses and flowers with distinctive refreshing spring scents.
Warnings and how to use it:
● Always place the candle on heat-resistant surfaces away from heaters or other hot surfaces.
● Do not light the candle in rooms where there are children or pets.
● Extinguish the candle after 4 hours of continuous use and never leave it burning in a room unattended.