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“Suef Perfume: This perfume is considered one of the best men’s perfumes in the modern era, and it is the most wonderful thing presented by the “Proud” brand at Deraah, because of its extreme attractiveness and irresistible charm, as it shows the extent of the aromatic harmony between the charm of the East and the ingenuity of French perfumes. , Suef Body Spray: It has a formula rich in moisturizing oils with a fragrant scent that penetrates the skin with complete ease. It is used throughout the week directly after the bath, and it is preferable to use it after body lotion to give the scent greater strength and stability. Gellar perfume: for women from Deraah, nourish your sense of beauty with a distinct aromatic blend flavored with almonds and red fruits, with the addition of balanced notes of vanilla, musk and pachouli, with jasmine and valley roses in the middle, creating an irresistible fragrance every day.
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