Medium red everlasting natural roses

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Natural preserved roses  Product Description:
Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with these elegant preserved glass flowers, or give them as a gift on several occasions such as: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, graduation party, Women's Day, Teacher's Day, anniversary occasions, etc.

Red roses preserved inside a glass dome
Perpetual rose care instructions

Perpetual roses are natural roses, not artificial. They are real and have sensitive sides and need to be handled in a gentle way. All you have to do is follow some basic instructions to make it last longer, ranging from one to three years or more

Avoid opening the glass dome and constantly touching and pressing it frequently, as this greatly reduces its lifespan and causes it to dry out.

Avoid watering at all: Perennial roses have been specially treated so that they do not require any watering or other maintenance associated with flowers.

Do not expose flowers to direct sunlight : Exposure to extended UV rays from direct sunlight will eventually damage the plant tissue and cause the color to fade.

Do not expose roses to high humidity : Like any natural product, the flowers and leaves of a perennial rose will react negatively to harsh environmental conditions. Humid and very humid conditions may cause flowers to become “wet,” and drops of moisture may appear on the leaves or petals. However, they will return to their natural soft state once climatic conditions normalize

the components :

Preserved rose, glass dome, packaging box

Available in many sizes (L - M - S)