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A click set for the most beautiful scenes and moments in life that you will never forget, with the scent of hazelnut and cocoa. A click set combines the magic of the night and the freshness of the morning. For lovers of gravity, a mixture of fruits with the oriental touch of amber. Indeed, the charm of the smell of click ingredients is irresistible if you try it. With an aromatic top of bergamot, apple and black grapes And for an aromatic heart full of cocoa, hazelnut, apricot, and orange flower, and for an aromatic base of patchouli and amber
Shower gel: a cleansing and refreshing gel with a rich lather that leaves the skin clean and refreshed through the purifying granules formula and has a distinctive fragrance with the scent of perfume
Body Lotion: A light, easy-to-absorb lotion with high moisturizing properties that moisturize, balance and tighten the skin, scented with the scent of perfume.
Body Spray: It has a formula rich in moisturizing oils with the scent of perfume, which penetrates into the skin quite easily. It is used throughout the week immediately after the bath. It is preferable to use it after the body lotion to give the scent a higher strength and stability.
Candle: Helps create emotional states, creates a comfortable mood, relieves tension, calms nerves, and adds a touch of excitement and attractiveness to the home.