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Description of Cameo women’s gift set: Here is the Corsage set from Deraah, to shine with its calm ingredients, as it made its fragrance from peach, bergamot, rose grapes, and jasmine, in addition to a soft shower gel on the skin, which cleanses deeply to enjoy a charming skin moisturized with a body lotion and a scent of body perfume that gives you a distinctive softness and fragrance.
Components of Cameo women’s gift set:
● Perfume 100 ml
● Shower gel 100 ml
● Body lotion 100 ml
● Body spray 125 ml
Specifications of Cameo women’s gift set:
Aromatic composition: Oriental - rose - woods
Brand: MAIOS
Gender: female
Size: 4 pcs

Features of Cameo women’s gift set:
- Designed collection that gives you an amazing and charming oriental touch
- The shower gel moisturizes the skin well and is refreshing at the same time.
- Body lotion gives you super softness and hydration.
- Body spray with the same distinctive scent of perfume to give higher strength and stability if you use it after body lotion.
- Finally, the candle adds a touch of excitement and attractiveness to the house.

The freshness of orange flower and saffron in your favorite combination:
The Cameo women’s set from Deraah, gives you the look and attractiveness of amazing cashmere, orange flower and saffron. Enjoy the softness of the shower gel with its delicate touches on your skin, and the body lotion for deep hydration, then perfumed with a firmness that lasts all day.

A radiant and charming appearance:
The Cameo women’s set from Deraah will give you a bright, attractive appearance, thanks to a fragrance that combines wonderful floral notes of amazing cashmere wood, lotion that protects your skin, deep cleansing shower gel, and strong body mist notes.
How to use it:
Shower gel:
A small amount of the gel is placed on a dampened shower sponge, then applied to the body and gently massaged to help add foam to the skin. Allow the shower gel to sit on your body for five minutes. In order for the minerals, nutrients, and hydrating to be well absorbed by the skin.

Body lotion:
Firstly, the body should be very clean and moist, and one of the best times to apply the lotion is immediately after taking a shower, because the body is in a state of open pores and comfort, and when applying the lotion it penetrates more quickly and effectively than at any other time, a large amount of lotion is applied in the hand's palm and spread over the entire body without exception, with continuous massage until the body absorbs it.

Body spray:
It is used on the body immediately after showering and has the same distinct scent as perfume. Holding the bottle 15 cm away from your body, press the spray button and spray the body, chest, and neck. Spray each area for no more than two to three seconds.
Do not leave the package in the sun or in the car.
Avoid exposing the accessories to moisture or perfume.