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Description of Love tear premium women’s gift set: There is nothing more lovely than the Love Tear premium set from Deraah to gift to yourself or someone else, as each piece was made with love, from a fragrance extracted from fragrant violet flowers with notes of jasmine and finally drops of elegant sandalwood, to a shower gel with rich foam that cleanses deeply and a body lotion to keep your skin soft and hydrated for longer periods. It also contains body butter, which provides additional nourishment as well as increased protection from dryness and cracks. We didn't forget to include a body freshener with essential oil components for added refreshment.
Components of Love tear premium women’s gift set:
● Perfume100 ml
● Shower gel 200 ml
● Body lotion 200 ml
● Body spray 200 ml
● Body butter 200 gm
Specifications of Love tear premium women’s gift set:
Aromatic composition: Chypre - Floral
Brand: MAIOS
Gender: female
Size: 5 pcs

Features of Love tear premium women’s gift set:
- Your unique collection for a feminine and sophisticated look
- A rich foaming shower gel that is gentle on the skin.
- Body lotion moisturizer and softens your skin for longer periods of time.
- Body perfume, which penetrates your skin cells to provide more freshness and fragrance.
- Body Butter moisturizer, protects, and gives your skin a lovely sheen.
- A charming fragrance with jasmine and sandalwood for a youthful appearance.

A shining and charming appearance:
Choose the Deraah Love Tear premium set to have a bright and attractive appearance, which is provided by the fragrance of jasmine, the strong shine of body butter, the protection of lotion for your skin, the deep cleansing shower gel, and the scents of a strong body perfume.
Your elegance needs a touch of attraction with jasmine:
Deraah's Love Tear premium set can give you the elegance of a jasmine fragrance, with sandals, a lotion protecting your skin, a deep cleansing shower gel and a whiff of a powerful body mist.

How to use it:

Shower gel:
A small amount of the gel is placed on a dampened shower sponge, then applied to the body and gently massaged to help add foam to the skin. Allow the shower gel to sit on your body for five minutes. In order for the minerals, nutrients, and hydrating to be well absorbed by the skin.

Body lotion:
Firstly, the body should be very clean and moist, and one of the best times to apply the lotion is immediately after taking a shower, because the body is in a state of open pores and comfort, and when applying the lotion it penetrates more quickly and effectively than at any other time, a large amount of lotion is applied in the hand's palm and spread over the entire body without exception, with continuous massage until the body absorbs it.

Body spray:
It is used on the body immediately after showering and has the same distinct scent as perfume. Holding the bottle 15 cm away from your body, press the spray button and spray the body, chest, and neck. Spray each area for no more than two to three seconds.
Do not leave the package in the sun or in the car.
Avoid exposing the accessories to moisture or perfume.