New Delight Care Kit

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Delight, which will make your life a joy all day long, with its attractive scent, full of flowers, almonds, coffee beans and tonka bean. The favorite perfume of all stars who have a desire to soar in the sky and enjoy the purity of the scent with the Delight group with its genius appeal.
Top notes: almond - coffee beans - bergamot - lemon
Aromatic heart: Jasmine - Tube Rose - Orris - Bulgarian Rose, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Tonka beans - Cocoa - Cinnamon - Vanilla - Sandalwood, Sidr wood - Kashmir - Patchouli - Amber - Musk - Paraline
Shower gel: a cleansing and refreshing gel with a rich lather that leaves the skin clean and refreshed through the purifying granules formula and has a distinctive fragrance with the scent of perfume
Body Lotion: A light, easy-to-absorb lotion with high moisturizing properties that moisturize, balance and tighten the skin, scented with the scent of perfume.
Perfume - shower gel - body lotion - body freshener - body oil