Active men's accessory-care kit

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Active is designed for official times from Daraa, with a distinctive classic character. Its unique composition takes you to an unparalleled world of luxury, as a result of the mixing of tonka bean with musk, a strategic blend that increases the grandeur of this fragrance. The harmony of bergamot with nutmeg at the beginning of the fragrance gives a very refreshing and attractive feeling. However, The heart of the fragrance exudes a unique floral scent that complements the elegance of one of the finest perfumes of the “Proud” brand Sunglasses: Classic foldable sunglasses feature a design that matches the accessory set with perfume Pen Get a more elegant appearance and distinguish your look by using this unique piece, which is the perfect choice for daily use, with the pen for men. This cuff was designed specifically for the Mint set, and this cuff was manufactured with high craftsmanship, which appears in all the details of the design of this cuff. Wallet... The design of this wallet constantly keeps pace with international fashion, and this wallet was manufactured from artificial leather.”

“Active perfume... Mint perfume for men can be used on pulse points on the wrist, behind the ear, and on clothing

. Accessories.. Avoid exposing your accessories to moisture, wetness, or perfumes

. Glasses..Care Instructions: Clean the lenses with a lens cloth and keep them in the case

. The wallet... is made of the best artificial leather that contains a protective material for skin contact. We recommend not leaving the wallet under the sun and not putting things inside it that do not fit its size in order to preserve it well.”