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Top notes: lemon - orange flower - raspberryMiddle Notes: orange flowers - jasmine - roseBase Notes: patchouli - vanilla - dry amberBrand: Q and A.Scent: Floral PerfumesConcentration: Eau De Parfum.Advantages of Tender Q and A Perfume:- The fragrance features a fruity scent that is perfect for women who want a light and refreshing aroma.- With its refreshing and intelligent scent, Tinder will make you feel more confident, which may have a positive effect on your mood throughout the day.Warnings and precautions (optional) when using:Keep away from heat and sunlight.Floral description: If you are looking for a refreshing daytime fragrance suitable for working life and formal times, this is Tender perfume from Q and A! It is a fruity and refreshing fragrance that captivates you with its romantic notes. With its citrusy scents of lemon and orange zest with a blend of vanilla and flowers, you won"t get tired of wearing it.Floral package: Floral PerfumesPurpose: PerfumeFloral Line: TenderUsage method: The best places where the perfume lasts the longest are the pulse areas such as the wrists of the hands and the neck area behind the ear because the temperature in these areas is usually high and helps the scent to emit from you more.