Lovely Rose Q and A Perfume

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Middle Notes: amber - meltoolBase Notes: vanilla - musk - mintBrand: Q and A.Scent: Oriental PerfumesConcentration: Eau De Parfum.Advantages of Lovely Rose Q and A Perfume:- The smell of Lovely Rose Q and A Perfume is recognized as the perfect emblem of romance, passion, faithfulness, and love.- The elegant floral scent of The Lovely Rose perfume is appropriate for any setting.Warnings and precautions (optional) when using:Keep away from heat and sunlight.Floral description: Lovely Rose Perfume embodies the mysterious and elusive essence of a rose. It brings out the delicate and feminine scent of roses and gives a classic French touch. Its blend of ingredients that carry a clean and elegant scent that no one can beat, making it perfect for everyday wear. It is also a rich and dewy fragrance, reminiscent of taking a dip in a warm bath filled with rose petals. Experience the ethereal beauty of roses, captured in a bottle of Lovely Rose perfume!Floral package: Oriental PerfumesPurpose: PerfumeFloral Line: Lovely RoseUsage method: The best places where the perfume lasts the longest are the pulse areas such as the wrists of the hands and the neck area behind the ear because the temperature in these areas is usually high and helps the scent to emit from you more.