Q and A Pencil Professional Sharpener

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Type: Brushes and toolsBrand: Q and AAdvantages of Q and A Pencil Professional Sharpener:- It is made of high-quality materials that keep the wood from breaking while sharpening, so that the pencils last for a long time.- The sharpener blades are made of stainless steel, very sharp and perfectly sharpen the tip of the pencil.- It has two inputs for two different sizes, so you can sharpen all sizes of pens.- It is used to sharpen all types of materials, whether wood or plastic.- It has a cover on the top, in which the remains of wild berries are collected so that you can get rid of them easily.- It has a pin-like tool that is used to clean the sharpener thoroughly of any debris stuck inside the blades.Warnings and precautions (optional) when using:Keep away from heat and sunlight.Floral description: A double and perfect makeup Pencil Professional Sharpener that contains sharp blades, to sharpen your various makeup pencils such as eyeliner, lip liner, and others, so that the pencils are ready for use with ease!Purpose: Pencil Professional SharpenerUsage method: Put the makeup pencil into the sharpener of the appropriate size and turn it over until it is sharpened.