Silicone Brush Cleaner

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Type: Brushes and toolsBrand: Q and AAdvantages of Silicone Brush Cleaner:- Made of high-quality silicone, it gently cleans the bristles without harming your brushes.Warnings and precautions (optional) when using:Keep away from heat and sunlight.Floral description: Q and A Silicone Brush Cleaner is a better choice than other types of brush cleaners because it cleans better, gives extra softness to brushes, and cleans deeply without damaging the bristles.Purpose: Silicone Brush CleanerUsage method: Make sure the bristles are pointed downward to prevent water from getting into the brush handle as you wet your makeup brushes with warm water.Swish the bristles of the brush across the cleaning pad after adding some detergent to them.Squeeze the brush head to remove extra water after removing the soap under running water.