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"introduction : The Beauty Blender Original Pink Egg-Shaped Sponge is a favorite among makeup artists, estheticians, and makeup-loving girls, and for good reason. It's made with a soft, latex-free foam ball that's a seamless layer of liquid, gel, and cream formulas, leaving skin flawless instead of cakey. Once wet, it doubles in size, and the level of wetness can help you control the level of coverage. If it's a little wet, you can get medium to full coverage, and if it's very wet, you can get a dewy, sheer finish. How to use : It is used to apply products to areas on the face. It is ideal for adding simple finishing touches to your makeup. It can be used to apply foundation to help you reach the corners of the eyes, the tips of the nose, and the eyebrow bones. How to clean: 1, Take an appropriate amount of detergent 2, Press repeatedly on the beauty blender to clean it 3, Rinse off the foam with clean water 4, use dry air "