Red Beautiful Shower Gel

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About Red Beautiful Shower Gel: Looking for an all-in-one skin care gel that can effectively cleanse your skin and keep it fresh? Look no further than La Beauté de l'Amour’s Red Beautiful Shower Gel from Deraah. This product is specially designed to revitalize and regenerate cells, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. With top notes of red fruit, guava, and mandarin, as well as middle notes of heliotrope flower, tuberose, and Bulgarian rose, this shower gel boasts a floral-fruity-vanilla scent that's perfect for women. The base notes of sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli, and chocolate dessert (made from hazelnuts and sugar) add depth and complexity to the fragrance. La Beauté de l'Amour has truly outdone themselves with this product. So why wait? Try Red Beautiful Shower Gel today!
Specifications of Red Beautiful Shower Gel:
Top Notes: Red Fruit, Guava, Mandarin
Middle Notes: Heliotrope Flower, TubeRose, Bulgarian Rose
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Chocolate Dessert (from Hazelnuts and Sugar)
Brand: La Beauté de l'Amour
Product Type: Shower Gel
Section: Body Care
Category: Women
Collection: Love & Night
Scent: Floral - Fruity - Vanilla
Volume: 250 ml

Advantages of Red Beautiful Shower Gel:
● Rich in floral, fruit, and vanilla notes.
● Produces a dense foam for thorough cleansing.
● Suitable for all skin types.
● Contains glycerol for added hydration.
● Free of allergens.
A Captivating Fragrance
Indulge in the captivating aroma of Red Beautiful Shower Gel, which features a blend of floral, fruit, and vanilla scents.

Enveloping and Long-lasting
Red Beautiful Shower Gel envelops your skin with its captivating fragrance, providing long-lasting freshness.

A Charming Scent
Impress those around you with the charming floral, fruit, and vanilla scent of Red Beautiful Shower Gel from Deraah.

How to Use Red Beautiful Shower Gel:
Whilst showering, apply the shower gel on to a loofah and distribute it accordingly all over your body. Red Beautiful Shower Gel works to eliminate dirt and dead skin cells, leaving your body with a feeling of freshness and a fragrant scent.
Warnings and Precautions (optional):
To be applied externally only.