Proud accessories giftset rosegold 5 pcs.

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Product information

Gift your loved one a Rose gold accessory set of 5 pieces by Proud, specially designed to add luxury and sophistication to your looks. For unparalleled brilliance, Deraah presents you with a rose gold accessory set of 5 elegant and coordinated pieces consisting of a wallet, watch, pen, keychain, and uniquely designed cufflinks.

A matching set consisting of an elegant black wallet with the Proud brand logo, a black and rose gold luxurious watch with a moisture-resistant natural leather strap and a Japanese mechanism, a German ballpoint pen made of the finest materials resistant to rust and corrosion in black and rose gold, and a keychain with a round spider web design, in addition to distinctive cufflinks made of the most luxurious stainless-steel material in black and rose gold, specially designed for Proud.
All set items are made with utmost craftsmanship from the finest materials.

The Rose Gold 5-piece accessory set should not be exposed to any materials that contain chemicals, skin creams, or perfumes, as they may affect the luster and color of the paint.
Model: 2017
Price: 440 SAR
Brand: Proud
Material: leather
Number of pieces: 5
color: Black and Rose Gold
Activity: Men's sets
Detailed activity: 5-piece C
Collection Name: Men's sets - Y17