Triple Papillon + watch set (Y2308S)

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With a striking presence, he dazzled everyone with a four-piece silver accessory set from the Papillon brand, consisting of an elegant watch, a chain, an earring, and a ring with a distinctive design according to the latest fashion trends.
A four-piece silver accessory set from the Papillon brand, made from the best materials coated with high-quality silver paint, and consisting of four pieces:
A luxurious chain with a distinctive design pendant studded with crystal and a pure zircon stone hanging from it
Earring and ring of the same design
A watch made of the best materials of the same design
Watch features:
Silver color
The back is engraved silver stainless steel
The machine is Japanese made
The battery is Japanese made
Water resistance: Withstands water pressure up to 3ATM
Lobes: studded with crystal stones

Color: silver
Gender: Women
Brand: Papillon

Tips for using a quad silver accessory set:
The four-tone silver accessory set must not be exposed to any materials containing chemical compositions, skin creams, or perfumes, as they may affect the shine and color of the paint.
Made from the finest accessory materials, studded with sparkling crystal stones and carefully plated.”